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Worm Castings Description

Worm Castings Fertilizer- The Alpha of all fertilizers and natural too!

Do you want the alpha of all fertilizers? Well, we have it. Tn Nursery has organic worm castings in one gallon bags for you to place aroundall your trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns and houseplants to make them grow at unhead of rates and have bigger, brights and more colorful blooms

using worm castings. We guarantee that you will be amazed at the longivity and fullness of your plants after you use the ALPHA FERTILIZER!


We sell so much of our worm castings we are hauling in 200 Gallon bags just to meet our daily demand for this product

Worm Castings - What are the benefits?


Worm castings are a rich organic material that is made by worms. They are great for plants as they provide nutrients and make them grow faster. Castings also make plants bloom larger and create a healthier environment for the plant.
The benefits of worm castings are numerous, but it is not always the best idea to use them in every situation. It is essential to know what type of plant you have before applying worm castings to it because the fertilizer may harm some plants.
Worm castings are rich in nutrients and can be used to fertilize plants. They are a great alternative to other chemical fertilizers.


Worm castings provide the plants with more minerals and nutrients, which results in larger blooms and faster growth


Worm castings do not contain harmful chemicals that may harm plant or human health.
As a result, worm castings are an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers.
Worm castings are rich in nutrients and significant to your soil. Worm castings can fertilize plants, shrubs, trees, and perennials. Worm castings have many benefits worth adding to your planting mix. Some of the benefits of worm castings are larger blooms, faster-growing plants, and organic matter.


Worm castings, also known as worm waste (poop), are rich in organic fertilizers


It is made up of decomposed organic material that earthworms have eaten. Worm castings are the most concentrated form of plant food because they contain all the nutrients found in the soil.
Using worm castings in planting shrubs, trees and perennials include larger blooms and faster growth rates. They also make plants more resistant to disease and other pests due to their high organic matter levels.


There are many benefits to using worm castings in your garden. The first is that it will make your plants grow faster. Worm castings are rich in nutrients, and organic matter will help stimulate root growth. This means that plants will be able to absorb more water and nutrients, which will result in a healthier plant.

Plants also benefit from worm castings because they produce more prominent blooms and flowers. This is due to the increased availability of nutrients for plant growth, leading to an increase in yields for food crops or other types of plants.

Worm castings are rich in nutrients, making them an excellent fertilizer for plants. The benefits of worm castings include larger blooms, making plants grow faster, and being organic. Worm castings are also a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to fertilize your garden.

Reviews (3)

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    worm castings

    Posted by Sheila on Sep 06, 2022

    Looks very rich and good for my succulents and houseplants

  • 4
    Nice Feel

    Posted by Joseph Forrest on May 27, 2022

    Pleased though I thought there would me more.

  • 5
    WOW What Fertilizer!

    Posted by Clay Argo on Apr 25, 2022

    I have been looking for this for 1 year. I am so so happy I found it. I am getting this for my veggie garden.


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