Worm Castings

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Worm castings 1-gallon bags

Worm castings 1-gallon bags are the most natural mulch a gardener or homeowner could use. This mulch is made up of worm waste and is rich in nutrients that the soils and plants all need. It is available in five-gallon bags from this great online nursery and is also very affordable for everyone. It is shipped directly to the customer and is always ready to use when received. It has a lot of nutrients and vitamins that also helps make the soils rich where it is added. Worm castings are also called vermicast which also means worm manure. This is a great way to naturally fertilize plants, shrubs, and trees and help them grow into beautiful additions to all garden and natural areas. This mulch is very organic and has absolutely no harsh chemicals that harm the plants. It works great when added to vegetable gardens and helps plants grow to become healthy.