Woodland Sedge

Woodland Sedge

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Hardy Zones 5-8. : Carex blanda is a rhizomatous perennial sedge that matures into compact mounded clumps

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Woodland Sedge- Carex blanda

Woodland Sedge – Carex blanda is native to the Eastern United States, and it grows from Texas to Canada. Woodland Sedge stands about one foot tall and 18 inches wide. This perennial spreads across the ground if planted alone, but has a straight appearance if other plants surround it. Woodland sedge's light green hollow stems can grow up to two feet long and are triangular. Up to eight-inch-long lime-green longitudinally-furrowed leaf blades appear along the lower half of each stem. The great furrow on this plant makes it attractive for many different uses.

Woodland Sedge does well in most soils.

This plant's unique leave structure makes it suitable for a showcase plant in many settings. Each plant bears a six-inch fruit at its top with three to four pistillate spikelets. The spikelets appear silvery-white when they first develop before turning brown in the late summer. A leafy bract appears at the bottom of the spikelet, and it can be up to eight inches long. This plant does well in full-to-partial shade, and it will tolerate almost any type of soil. This plant loves moist conditions, but this plant is moderately enduring for short dry periods. In woodland settings, this plant often functions as an understory plant.

Woodland Sedge can be used to stop erosion.

It performs well in woodland gardens. This fast-growing plant is beautiful to butterflies and songbirds, and deer will not bother it. It can also use as a groundcover in areas receiving moderate foot traffic. To keep it from spreading, this plant should be cut off after the first hard freeze of the winter. While it is most commonly encountered, in woodland settings, it can also be used in prairie settings. Some find it useful along water features to stop erosion. In fact, this plant is useful in many different circumstances.

Woodland Sedge 



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