24" XL Wooden Stump Planter

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

24" XL Wooden Stump Planter

Wooden Stump Planters Are Unique & Make Excellent Flower Containers

It can cost homeowners and gardeners quite a bit of money to remove a tree stump. First there is the initial cost of felling the tree, then the expense and time of digging up the roots or grinding it down to the surface. However, turning the stump into a planter is a much better solution. Not only does a wooden stump planter save you money but it makes an excellent flower container. With a touch of wood-working and a few plants you can easily transform the ugly stump into a landscape dream beaming with flowers. In fact, wooden stump planters are a unique decoration that adds charm and character to your landscape.

There are numerous ways you can utilize a wooden stump planter for a flower garden. Truthfully, almost any flower is quite suitable for a unique planter such as:

Blooming Cacti
A Display of Succulents Plants
Bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils or Crocus
Miniature Fairy Land with Ferns, Moss and Primrose
Flowering Ground Covers like Lobelia or Black Eye Susan Vine
Cascading Flowers like Petunias, Geraniums, Fuchsia or Lantana
A Tiny Herb Garden such as Lavender and Echinacea (Purple Cone Flower)


Wooden stump planters also have many benefits and not just as a beautiful addition to your yard. The planters actually help protect the plants and flowers, offer durability and strength plus are easy to use and move to a new location. As well, wooden stump planters keep the roots of the plant's cooler when the temperatures are hot. In the winter, the planter offers great protection for cold winter elements. In result, less money is spent on replacing a plant that often dies due to cold weather. Wooden stump planters also provide great drainage so that your plants do not become water logged.

24" XL Wooden Stump Planters have so many possibilities for how they can be used. They can have gorgeous flowering plants and also beautiful green vines added to them to use in gardens, natural areas, porches, and patios. They can also work great to have silk and artificial flowers combined to create beautiful arrangements that stay gorgeous all year long. They add a unique look and touch to all areas where they are placed and brings a very natural appearance as their plants are growing. They are hallowed out and also have drainage in them to get rid of the excess water that may accumulate in them. This protects the roots of the live plants. They are available from this fantastic online nursery and arrive at the consumer ready to use and to create beautiful landscaping on a lawn. They also vary in colors, and this depends on the type of wood used to create them. They are magnificent looking when several are used together and can also create a special area on a lawn as flowers are added to the planters and around them. Sizes may vary