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Witherod Viburnum Live Stakes

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Witherod Viburnum Shrub - Virurnum Cassinoides

The Witherod Viburnum Shrub is also known as the Northern Witherod since it is native to Eastern North America. It is a deciduous shrub used in a variety of landscaping designs. The Witherod Viburnum is recommended for zones 3-8. It does well in full sun to part shade. Generally, it grows in acidic soil but the Witherod Viburnum will tolerate a wide range of soils. This shrub prefers moderately moist soil. However, it will tolerate boggy soil as well so is a good choice for borders of water gardens or ponds. The Witherod Viburnum will grow to 4-5 feet high. Though, uncommon, it may grow up to 12 feet high. This plant is a naturally symmetrical shrub that blooms large creamy, white, flat-topped, fragrant flowers in early spring to summer and edible, multi-colored berries. As an ornamental shrub, it is often used for borders or to line foundations or roadsides. It also may be used as hedges. It is recommended to plant more than one plant for the best cross pollination to generate the most prolific fruit display. The Witherod is a great choice to add winter interest. The summer foliage has medium green, shiny, waxy-looking leaves that change to an orange-red and then to a red-purple in the fall. The berries change color as well. The berries begin as green and will change to yellow, to pink, to red and then to black. The clusters of berries may be a variety of all colors at once. Adding to the seasonal interest of the Witherod is the twig color that will change to brown, green and red in the winter. The Witherod Viburnum will attract butterflies and birds. The Witherod Viburnum is a low-maintenance plant that would also be a great choice for naturalized or woodland areas. It can be pruned, as needed, in late fall to early spring. The Witherod Viburnum does not have any spines, prickles or thorns.

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