Witherod Viburnum Shrub

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Witherod Viburnum - Viburnum nudum

Viburnum nudum, or witherod viburnum, is native to New England, but this hardy perennial thrives in U.S. hardiness zones three through eight. The witherod viburnum has a variety of landscaping uses, including hedgerows, native gardens, and mass plantings, and is perfect for attracting a diverse range of wildlife to both gardens and uncultivated areas.

Viburnum nudum is a drought-resistant plant that adapts to a range of soil types easily, including dry and boggy soils. For optimum growth, choose well-drained land that ranges from average to wet, and plant viburnum in full sun to partial shade. The shrub develops into a rounded shape over time and has medium-thick, elliptical leaves that grow in opposite pairs on the arching branches.

The berries and flowers are the true stars of witherod viburnum in native and flower gardens. In early spring, delicate flowers emerge, bringing creamy, white color to hedgerows and gardens. The blooms attract local pollinators, but also bring native birds and mammals to the property, making the shrub an excellent choice for mass plantings. Some varieties undergo a color change during early summer, with the subtle white blooms transforming into bold pink or purplish flowers.

The colorful berries add interest to autumn and winter landscapes. The berries appear in late summer and persist through autumn. The berries change colors several times as they ripen to maturity. Beginning as green berries that brighten to pink and ripen into deep purple, the berries attract birds and other wildlife to the property, giving native gardens a variety of visitors that persist through autumn.

The leaves are a variety of vibrant colors like purple and maroon throughout autumn, making mass plantings of the colorful shrub addition to uncultivated areas. Witherod viburnum has a moderate growth rate. At maturity, the plant reaches six to 12 feet high with a width of up to seven feet.

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