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Purchase Wildlife Plants, used to attract elegant birds and butterflies, From Tn Nursery

Do you want to attract hummingbirds and other beautiful birds to your garden? Would it just make your day if cheerful butterflies made a home in your garden? Would you be thrilled to find lizards and frogs living in your garden? You can attract all these animals and more to your garden just by growing these wildlife plants. And better yet, many of these plants produce fruit that you can eat too!

Wildlife Plants should be planted away from anything that deters wildlife

No matter what animals you love, if you want to attract wildlife to your garden, follow these basic steps:

Wildlife Plants need plenty of water to thrive

  1. Get rid of anything that will deter or harm wildlife. As an example, many pesticides kill butterflies, lizards and frogs and can harm birds.
  2. Provide water. All life needs water so any wildlife you want to attract to your garden will need access to water. Providing it on your property adds just one more reason for animals to visit or move in permanently.
  3. Grow wildlife plants that feed the adults and the juveniles. If you want to have wildlife in your garden throughout the year, you need to provide food for the adults as well as the young. If you don’t, any adults that do visit your garden will move out as soon as they need to lay eggs or are nearly ready to birth their young. Some will move out at the beginning of the breeding season.
  4. Grow plants that will provide security for the wildlife you want to attract. As an example, large birds need trees to hide in and small birds need dense and/or spiky bushes to hide from predators in.
  5. Provide places for wildlife to build their homes or nests. Growing trees is a great way to attract birds to your garden because they can nest in the trees. Building insect hotels is a great way of attracting beneficial insects as they have a ready home they can move into. Frogs generally need ponds and lizards need sheltered places that are close to rocks and logs they can sun themselves on.

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