Wildflower Garden Collection 25 Wildflowers, Perfect For Your Zone  - Blooming Age Plants

Wildflower Garden Collection 25 Wildflowers, Perfect For Your Zone - Blooming Age Plants

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All plants will be hardy and chosen for your planting zone.

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25 Mixed Colored Wildflowers Perfect For Your Zone and Hand Chosen Large Mature Blooming Age Plants

Advantages of Planting Wildflowers

Planting wildflowers is a low maintenance option by comparison to the high maintenance gardens depicted in gardening shows. A wildflower meadow in your yard only requires the right selection of wildflower seeds and minimal watering during dry spells. You may purchase packs of wildflower seeds in various colors and other options to to scatter where you would like to plant them in your yard. Wildflowers are capable of growing on poor soil. Wildflowers are also helpful to the beer pollination process. This will assist the bee population in your area. Finding a low maintenance wildflower garden is also good for your stress levels, as it is a relaxing process in a comfortable place to sit and admire your work.

Who on earth doesn't love wildflowers? After all, they are so hardy that highway DOT Departments in most states are planting wildflowers alongside the interstates because of their beauty and no maintenance requirements. Wildflowers are blooming age, and in the spring, there will be a complete array of color in your garden when you get our wildflower collection grab bag. Our grab bags are hand chosen by your hardy planting zone, and we love choosing you the best plants. Grab bags are priced considerably lower than if you were to buy one plant of your choice. Why? Because sometimes we have over 40 different varieties of wildflower bulbs in our cooler and when you deal with large volumes of plants as we do, the selection is right there at your fingertips! Anytime is the prime time to plant wildflower plants. Our plants are dormant and no need to plant in spring or fall, you can plant in the dead cold of winter or the heat of the summer. Then the following season, they will come up and bloom. We only have a limited supply of these grab bags, and they do sell out fast. Order your's today. Also makes great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas presents. Since you can plant our's anytime, anything is the time to buy them!


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