NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Information about Ginseng Roots

The Chinese and the Native Americans have known about the cure-all restorative powers of the ginseng root for thousands of years. There was a time when the ginseng root would fetch a price equivalent to its weight in gold in China. Ginseng belongs to the Araliaceae family of plants and is of a perennial variety. Though ginseng takes some time to grow, the wait is well worth it. There are a variety of ginseng plants such as:

American ginseng or Panax

Asian ginseng

Dwarf ginseng

Siberian ginseng


Japanese ginseng

Buying ginseng roots and tea infusions is relatively easier than growing the plant. However, you can quickly obtain the necessary permits for growing ginseng and buy stratified ginseng seeds from a reputed nursery.

The List of Benefits Goes On and On

Different varieties of ginseng offer users different types of benefits. In general, these are the benefits of using ginseng roots:

Ginseng is a cure-all plant that has been historically used to cure many different ailments like diabetes, gout, and even Alzheimer’s.

Regular intake of ginseng is believed to revitalize the body and mind by increasing the energy produced by the body.

Ginseng roots are known to reduce stress, calm the nerves, and increase endurance powers.

Infusions can also be used to reduce cholesterol and ward off heart diseases.

Some research indicates that ginseng roots can help regularize menstrual cycles in women and may also help by calming hot flashes in women undergoing menopause.

Many Ways of Consumption

Outstanding quality ginseng roots can be ingested by chewing, brewing, stewing, and swallowing. It is commercially available in tablets, tea bags, pills, powders, and food. Ginseng roots can be sliced and added to soups and chicken broth as well. These roots are easy to use and highly beneficial to consumers.

Source of Information on Wild Ginseng