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Most people don't have an actual wetland on their property, but if you have a small pond, water feature, or even a drainage area, you can spruce it up by planting these types of flora. Here are some basic steps for growing wetland plants.

1 Determine what type and size of the area you have to grow. Many wetland plants will grow quite large and require submerged roots through most of the growing season. You will need to plan for this if you are growing Cattails, Bulrush, and Duck Potatoe. Plants like Milkweed will require moist soil, but won't be submerged. Think about the area you want to plant, and carefully plan how to maximize the space.

Wetland Plants for Zone 11 should be started in large trays when planting from seed

2 Growing wetland plants from seed require heat, light, and very wet soil. Unlike many traditional garden plants, most wetland varieties must be planted on the surface of the moist soil to facilitate the necessary heat and light. Starting these seed in large trays will offer you the most control of these factors. Never let the plants dry out.

3 Once your plants have developed a good root formation, you can move them to their wetlands habitat. A good rule of thumb here is the plant's height will be roughly twelve to eighteen inches. This can vary depending on the actual plant variety.

Wetland Plants for Zone 11 should be placed in their proper growing location 

4 Using your plans from step one, move the prepared plants to their proper growing location. Be sure to keep the root systems wet during transportation. You will want the soil you are working with to be super saturated mud. This will make it easy to dig into with your hands or a small gardening shovel. Leave a twelve to twenty-four inch spacing around each plant because they will spread quite a bit over time.

5 Dig deep enough to firmly seat the plant in the soil, then push the muddy soil around the plant's base to keep it in place. In most cases, there will be no need to add any fertilizer to the soil. Monitor the plants as they grow to ensure they always have ample water.

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