NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Wetland Plants

Wetland plants are essential to the environment by helping replenishing nature and the habitat. Consider planting wetland plants in your garden or anywhere else that needs it. They'll help clean up runoff and provide habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful varieties! Planting wetland plants is good for you and your community. Wetlands help reduce flooding, filter out pollutants, provide habitat for wildlife, and create a healthier ecosystem. But most people don't realize how valuable wetlands can be until they've experienced them in their neighborhood or home! Our company offers various plants that grow well in your area with minimal upkeep required by homeowners. You'll find everything from grasses to flowers to trees on our website! So check us out today if you're interested in adding some natural beauty to your yard this year.

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Wetland Plants

Sometimes Underused Wetland Plants Can Prove Beneficial in Landscapes  

When everyday people think about what to include in their landscape, flowering perennial flowers, shrubs, and early-blooming accent trees often come to mind. When someone mentions “wetland plants,” images of marshland often appear in your mind. Water plants sometimes go underused because of associations not rooted in facts. The wide range of lovely aquatic plants tends to surprise more than a few people.

Why are Wetland Plants Important?

This class of plant life typically inhabits areas prone to seasonal flooding or year-round standing water. Although commonly seen in and around ponds, lakes, and marshes, aquatic plants can also thrive in simply moist soils that do not necessarily filter water easily. For instance, hard clay and bedrock just below the topsoil can accommodate wetlands plants if surface water persists during dry seasons. Plants, shrubs, and trees associated with this class often deliver the following environmental benefits.

  • Critical Habitats: Aquatic plants help support a diverse ecosystem that allows fish and wildlife to flourish. Wetland plants also create root systems in essential areas that contribute to water purification. They typically help remove health hazards such as metals before reaching underground aquifers. Wildlife, fish, as well as humans, can leverage water plants as a food source.
  • Land Stabilization: This class of plant life creates a fabric of roots that help secure shorelines. Their presence also mitigates the damage done by flooding. Property owners whose land abuts rivers and streams can use wetland plants to minimize erosion.s

When employed in a landscape, wetland plants also serve as an environmental early warning system. Tainted water can negatively impact these water plants. If leaves and stalks of these plants, shrubs, and trees sour, that may indicate compromised surface water

Wetland Plants Provide Landscaping Solutions

The native wetland shrubs, trees, and plants at our TN nursery thrive in marshy areas, along riverbeds, and tracts with standing water in this region. This means they can improve the aesthetic value of spaces that property owners sometimes write off as too wet for flowering plant life. These rank among the attractive wetland options our TN plant nursery stocks.

Sometimes Underused Wetland Plants Can Prove Beneficial in Landscapes  

Landowners who begin to rethink aquatic plants, trees, and shrubs, as a vital landscaping asset generally find they solve environmental issues and improve property values. Improved water drainage through the soil and the ability to prevent flooding from ravaging tracts of land acts as an insurance policy. Integrating carpet moss in strategic areas can also galvanize the ground against flowing water damage. Not to mention, the attractive foliage and beautiful flowers make them a quality of life investment.

Enjoy the Benefits of Wetland Plants at Our TN Nursery

The experienced professionals at our TN plant nursery remain committed to providing fact-based information about plant, shrub, and tree usages in our communities. By identifying this class of sometimes underused plant life, we hope our community members can make informed decisions that enhance your property’s appearance and value. We urge you to review these wetland plants on our website. If you require more information or have any questions, please contact our TN nursery today.

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