NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Landscape your garden with wetland plants

Designing the perfect landscape can be both fun and challenging job. When there is some sort of water in the landscape design, things can take on a whole new level of complexity. While it is excellent to choose wonderful aqua plants to fill in the scenery, choosing the right plants can be tricky. Aqua plants can give a plain lake a new definition and add food for the fish that may be inhabitants there. There are a few plants that should be present in all water settings. They are virtually maintenance-free and provide an excellent look for the area.

Cattail Plants

One plant that is unique to add to any space is Cattail. These plants love to grow around the water. If you have any water in their landscaping, this is a perfect choice. Who didn’t play with the flowers from the Cattail, pulling them apart to find the cottony seeds inside? When planting these plants, there are not many seeds needed. These plants rapidly multiply because the seeds blow when they “catkin” begin to dry a bit. The Submerged portions of this plant can also feed fish and other water inhabitants. These plants absolutely must have a wet environment but no standing water. They can grow upwards of 10 feet, and the brown flowers this plant creates are called catkin.

If Cattail is not the right plant for a pond or lake landscape, the Potato Duck maybe. These plants like to be submerged in the water. They are found all over the country wherever there are swamp-like conditions. The name derives from the potato vegetable that it resembles, but this is not eatable. The corms are what take on the potato shape. These plants are large, getting up to four inches in width and growing nearly two feet in height. These plants are from the Sagittaria flowers family, and they have three petals of white flowers. The flower will rise above the water, nearly 12 inches above the leaves of the plant. With their giant thick stalks, these plants can quickly locate in the wild and easily grow at home.

For shallow waters, the perennial grass known as Bul Rush Grass is an excellent choice. Bulrush Grass grows up to 10 feet in height. This grass demands attention. This dark green grass has a stiff feel and has no leaves whatsoever. There are some flowers, but they are just at the tip of the grass blade. That is another plant that is eaten by fish and is excellent for a mature lake or pond. The grass stays a vibrant green most of the year, and then when it dies, it can be eaten by ducks, fish, and anything else that lives in the water-filled area.

Wetland plants make any lakeside look amazing. These plants can do for the waters what shrubs and plants do for a garden. When selecting the plants for a water-filled landscape, make sure they will feed the fish and have a dual purpose of being beautiful and beneficial.

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