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Water Willow (Justicia americana)


Water Willow: Justicia americana, or the American water willow, is an aquatic perennial that will add lovely purple flowers and greenery to your pond or water garden. The North American native pond species grows on the banks of creeks, ponds, and small lakes in nature. It loves to bask in the full sunshine.


TN Nursery grows some of the hardiest species you could hope to find--it will not disappoint you.


Water Willow care and maintenance


Your pond or water garden creates an ecosystem of its own and requires plants to maintain good health. That is especially true if you stock your pond with koi or other fish.


Here are the reasons why you must add plants to a water garden, aside from the obvious beauty:


  1. Fish in your pond need plant life to hide from predators that would love to snack on them, such as birds of prey or raccoons.
  2. Your water garden will attract frogs. They are essential to providing natural insect control (especially from mosquitoes). Like the fish, frogs will hide out among greenery to escape predators.
  3. Water willow and other water plants will oxygenate the water, keeping your pond healthy for supporting wildlife.


The Graceful Good Looks of Justicia americana


TN Nursery grows water willows of a variant so hardy that it extends as far north as Alaska. These are smaller plants, only about three feet above the water line. The white and violet-colored flowers have four petals, each in an elongated oval shape and with a gentle, graceful curve that gives the impression of a loose curl. The flowers appear in early summer and will reappear throughout the warm months, right into the first days of fall.


The roots grow partially submerged on the sunny banks or in the pond's shallows, sending out bright green, long and slender leaves.


Water Willow Plants are available online at TN Nursery Today


TN Nursery ships only freshly-dug, healthy plants. You can order with the confidence we have decades of experience and thousands of happy customers. Order your water willows today.




Reviews (2)

  • 4
    Water willow

    Posted by Dennis on Sep 18, 2022

    Out of the 5 different plants I planted about 2 months ago, this is the only one that is showing some promise.

  • 5
    Water Willow

    Posted by Ann Robins on Jan 11, 2022

    Definitely a must plant for every garden lover. This perennial is simply beautiful.

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