Water Willow

Water Willow

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Latin Name-Justicia Americana Hardy Zone-4-9 Mature Height-2-4ft Width-1-2ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Water Willow- Justicia Americana

Water Willow - Justicia americana. In nature, this perennial plant grows alongside rivers and lakes. In fact, this plant prefers wet soil and partial sun and can grow in sandy and clay soil. They typically grow to be about three feet tall and long, narrow leaves. When it flowers, the blossoms resemble orchids with their five-petal shape and white and violet coloration. The flowers bloom from April to October. In the North America, this plant can be found as far south as Florida, as far north as Quebec, as far east as New York state, and as far west as Texas.

Justicia Americana Water Willow The easy to grow Water Willow plant adds an airy touch to the garden. Flowing off of each light green stem are wispy, medium green leaves that display a distinctive long white vein running down their center offering a soft contrasting color scheme and a wispy feel when the slightest breeze lifts their slender branches to your garden.Adding a graceful touch to these breezy plants are the beautiful white flowers that rest atop the long willowy stems. Each flower is graced with light lavender to deep purple and sometimes almost black spots, which are scattered on the tips of each petal, adding, even more, beauty to this perennial. Because the flowers continuously bloom throughout the summer months until early fall, this plant not only offers long-lasting beauty it also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden.An easy to care for the plant, the Water Willow has a rhizomatous root system that allows it to quickly multiply without the need of the gardener's consistent attention. Situated amongst dense plants, this perennial can give a more spacious feel to the garden.American Water Willow prefers to be planted standing water or sandy soil to grow correctly. American Water Willow flowers begin to bloom in the early parts of summer and are found in pretty violet and purple colors. They are located at the edges of lakes marches swamps and event streams. They prefer standing water or sandy soil to grow correctly and add a great structure and splash of color to any water garden.A plant like this is also a great plant to use for preventing soil erosion. They also produce a mild but sweet aroma which can complement the scents offered by other fragrant water flowers.

Water Willow


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