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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Wetland plants and Aquatic plants can be used for several reasons.

There is an outstanding variety to choose from that will work great around lakes and ponds and creek beds to help with that terrible soil erosion problem.

These remarkable plants will grow and work great to hold the soils in wet areas in place with their robust root systems. Some wetland plants that are good for this purpose are river oats, skunk cabbage, and cattails. TN Nursery will have detailed descriptions available for all of their wetland plant varieties. These are great plants because some will help take care of the wildlife around water bodies and supply food and shelter to the aquatic animals and fish. Duck Weed, Water Plantain, and Water willow are great ideas to help the water life. These plants will be easy to care for and maintain as long as soils are moist enough to grow and get the correct lighting. Some plants will grow directly in shallow and deepwater areas. These will be amazing, and some of them will even offer lovely blooms when fully mature. The birds and ducks around the lake will love wetland plants because some will supply seeds to feast on as they grow. Wetland plants are very fast growers and will grow where drainage is terrible, and grass will not usually grow. It is best to research each plant being considered to make sure that they will grow and thrive in the lighting and soil conditions available where you will plant them. Wetland plants and aquatic plants are also great to add around pools and water gardens created on the lawn. These plants will supply lots of colors when they bloom and give a water garden a very natural look as they are growing. TN Nursery is good because they will ship all water plants directly to the consumer, and they will be ready to plant as soon as they arrive.

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