NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

If you want to water plants, then you probably want but the best of the best.

Then the best kinds of plants I recommend are...

The first one is the Tina water lily. I recommend this plant because it can alternate between full and partial sunlight and its intense flowers. I also prefer the Comanche water lily because it has radiant-colored flowers. It is very hardy; I like the Texas dawn very much because of its alternate red foliage and yellow flowers. I also like Virginia because of its star-shaped flowers and or vibrant white color. Now, if you are in the mood for a shallow pond or water garden, then the flowers that I recommend are these delicate plants. Like the iris Louisiana because it comes in many colors. I also like the water hawthorn because it can survive through fall but is dormant in summer so that you have consistent color in your garden. But if you want some fish, then you will probably want some floating lily plants. You may Like the fairy moss, which is very beautiful because of its green and red foliage. So see about getting some water plants for your pond.

Source of Information on Water Plants