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Water Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jun 02 , 2014

Finding plants that will do great around a pond can sometimes be a little tricky. These plants will need to grow well in very moist soil conditions and will need to be able to thrive around or in water conditions.

TN Nursery will offer a great variety of these plants to choose from that will make a pond a beautiful area once they become established and begin to develop. They also provide the necessary information needed. They also give planting and caring instructions for beautiful water plants.

Some great water plants to choose from that will create a very natural look around a pond, or another water source are Cattail plants, water plantain, pond lily, bull tongue and also lotus plants. 

Some of these will have beautiful blooms as they mature. The Lotus and Pond lily will provide attractive and colorful flowers that will add life to all ponds. The cattail plants will also look very natural when growing around the pond, and water plants will also provide an excellent hiding place for aqua life and other wildlife. Pond lilies are beautiful and will become right in the water and will look very natural. These plants will give a great place for fish and frogs to hide and make their homes. Bull tongue plants are beautiful and are an excellent plant for muskrats and ducks. This plant will provide a unique food source for them.

Another great plant that will provide a natural look is Riverbank Wild Ryes. This plant is attractive to grow on the bank of a lake and will grow to become around 4.5 feet tall when fully mature. These plants are unique because they are perennials and will grow back each year. When ordering them from an online plant nursery, they will also provide lighting and soil conditions for these plants. Some of these plants will do magnificently in shaded terms as well as areas that offer full sunlight. It will be good to research these plants to find the right one for your pond areas.

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