NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Water Lilies are beautiful plants and will create serenity when around them. '

They have such beautiful blooms. The kind of blooms that you could sit and enjoy for hours. Water lilies are great plants to have in your water gardens and when they bloom they will burst with color for you to enjoy.

To some people the color of the water lily will make them feel calm and peaceful. These wonderful plants come in all different colors. You can find them in pink, red, white, yellow, salmon, orange and peach. You will surely be able to find a color that you will love. You can contact a local garden center or an online plant nursery to find out exactly how these plants should be planted and cared for to make sure that they thrive. Water Lilies will grow best where the soil is very wet. They will do well in water gardens or around lakes and ponds. Some people will plant their water lilies in pots before placing them into their water gardens. You will be able to place the plants where they will be seen the most. You will need to make sure that the soil stays wet and can also soak the pot in water that you will be planting your water lilies in. This will help keep the soil wet and moist. Water lilies are so peaceful to look at because they are so beautiful and they will be enjoyed by everyone when placed in a water garden to thrive. It is best to research water lilies and find out which types are best for the conditions of your water garden or your ponds and lakes.

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