NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

A patio is a way to think in peace and add to the patio's relaxing nature. You might add a water garden.

Near a patio water garden, it may add color and the ambient noise of relaxation.

Water Gardens are small pools or streams that are full of water plants from lilies to bamboo. These small watery areas provide beautiful greenery to the area.

It also adds dazzling blooms that have an aroma and can only grow in damp areas for some plants. These Water gardens can also incorporate small waterfalls. These small waterfalls add beauty and sound to the mix, adding the sweet sounds of water falling into the ambient noises of relaxation. These also provide a way for water to provide oxygen for animals that may live in the pond. Animals in the water garden are another bonus. Small fish such as beautiful koi or goldfish add life into the mix. These fish will swim just beneath the water surface, gliding silently in peace, giving your eyes a peaceful scene to watch. Frogs will also flock to the water garden, adding frogs' gentle croaks to the mix to create a truly natural and relaxing atmosphere. You don't need a relaxing location, but instead, a party central, a place for your guests to come over and talk. Water gardens work well as both an area to hold their attention and make an excellent conversation starter. A large water garden and patio area worked together is also an extreme investment into the property's value as it can increase the value of the area. These reasons together make investing in a water garden along with a patio an excellent and beautiful investment.

Source of Information on Adding Peace and Harmony with a Water Garden