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Water Garden

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Water Garden

Buy your Ponds and Water Plants from Tn Nursery

Water features, such as water gardens, are relaxing, attractive, and add to the value of a property. They create an atmosphere of elegance and serenity that draws viewers to rest and relax. Having a uniquely decorated water garden creates focal points and adds personality and distinction, and wetland plants have distinctive features that make them a great addition when decorating a water garden. They are categorized as floating plants, bog or marginal plants, deep-water emergent plants, and submerged plants. Here are the best plants for a unique decoration.

Ponds and Water Gardens have their own style of plants that grow around or in them


Cattails, also known as bulrushes, have unique flowering spikes and flat blades like leaves that reach heights from 3-10 feet. They are of different species, which include broad-leaved cattail and narrow-leaved cattail. The broad-leaved cattail, commonly called common cattail, grows mainly in fresh water while the narrow-leaved cattail ranges into brackish waters. In autumn, the pollinated flowers develop into fleecy seed heads, which are blown across the garden by the breezes. In addition to their attractiveness, they have a fast growth rate, and these unique characteristics make them a suitable choice when decorating a water garden.


Grasses, which include common reed, water couch, clubhead cutgrass, spike-rushes, and sedges, are attractive and easy to maintain. Foliage can be erect, falling, rigid or flexible. Most importantly, they do not need additional chemicals in the form of expensive pesticides and fertilizers to grow and thrive. Therefore, incorporate these lush plants when decorating a water garden since they are part of what makes it unique.

Ponds & Water Gardens are very unique Plants for  accenting to a home

Native plants

Wetland native plants are valued for their beauty as well as their biodiversity. They have a unique display of both flowers and foliage and are a suitable option when decorating a water garden. Some species of these plants include New York aster, swamp milkweed, marsh marigold, water willow, and arrow arum. Not only are they simple to maintain, but they are also easy to grow and propagate. They are also fauna-friendly and provide shelter and food for butterflies, birds, and other creatures we cherish and enjoy watching.

Water Plantain

Water plantain grows in wetlands and produces clusters of small pinkish or water flowers for a beautiful appearance. It can reach about 3 feet high at maturity and is easily recognized by its distinctive leaf shape. The leaves are broad pointed or rounded, and it is available in two species, which include ribbon-leaved and narrow-leaved plantain. Also, it serves as a shelter for water species to camouflage themselves in and a nesting area for various fish species to lay their eggs upon safely. These distinctive features make it a great addition when decorating a water garden.

Duck Potato

Duck potato, usually known as common arrowhead, grows 2-4 feet tall and has large, evergreen leaves shaped like arrowheads. In spring, it produces showy, white flowers. This colorful plant can grow and spread widely under the right conditions, and its conspicuous flowers make it a great selection when decorating a water garden.

Not only do wetland plants add beauty to water gardens, but they also help create and maintain a healthy contained ecosystem. Therefore, it is essential to seek advice from garden experts before selecting any wetland plant. With the right guidance, one will be conversant with the needs, growth habits and ultimate size of the plant they intend to buy.

Water Garden Plants are Available to Purchase from Tn Nursery with Quick Shipping and Affordable Rates