Virginia Rose

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Virginia Rose

The Virginia Rose is the common name for Rosa virginiana and is also known as the prairie rose, or common wild rose. This flower is a woody perennial and grows as a shrub up to 2 meters tall. The stems are covered with numerous hooked thorns, and the leaves are pinnate and grouped into 7 to 9 leaflets. The flowers are typically varying shades of pink with five petals. The Virginia Rose is found all along the eastern United States and is a hardy shrub that can survive the coldest winters of New England or the warmer temperatures of the southern U.S. and thrives with little attention. Its roots tend to spread in all directions so it may not be suitable for small gardens. The roots can invade the surrounding area and choke out all the other plants. This shrub provides blooms throughout the majority of the summer.The Virginia Rose is beautiful and can make a wonderful addition to any landscape. This gorgeous flower is perfect for decoration and blooms stunning petals during the mid-summer. In late summer once pollinated by all the insects, the petals start to fall, and the flower begins to die off but promises a more beautiful blooming year the next time around. It can grow up to six feet in height and only blooms in small gatherings at first. During their bloom season, they are a large source of food for many insects and sometimes become temporary homes. When the flower completely dies off, it is replaced by fruit berries which become a food source for many animals such as birds and other tiny creatures.This particular flower can sometimes bloom the first year, but that is very rare. Each year the cluster of roses grow bigger and more blooms are presented.



USDA climate zone: six

Flower height: six feet tall

Flower spread: two-three inches wide

Soil type: salt marshes, moist soils, and heavy clayey soils

Sun: full sunlight


This rose is famous for being a wild rose that grows freely throughout North America.
It is a promising flower, every year it returns even more beautiful than the last.
This particular rose is a beautiful addition to any home or business flower bed. Since it returns each year, it can take up a lot of space and make its surroundings even more beautiful each year.

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