NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

The Viola Pedata, or as it is also called Birds foot violet, is a perennial mountain plant that grows in the northeastern America area.

The Appalachian mountain range is the main home for these wild flowers. These flowers have large light purple flowers that bloom in the mid spring or early summer. The plant grows best in the USDA zones of 4-9 and likes full or partial sun.

The Birds foot violet is very particular about where it lives. These plants are very hard to suite as they prefer well drained acidic soil. Overwatering can easily kill these plants. These plants are best grown between USDA zones of 4 and 9. They also favor areas like rock gardens and areas where other plants struggle to live. The hard work put into keeping this plant alive is very rewarding. The amount of Pollinators such bees, butterfly, and humming birds is incredible, making it perfect for animal lovers and those who need pollinators for their other plants. The flowers of this plant are astounding light blue or purple color. Plus the leaves of this plant are evergreen making it give color even in the dead of winter these leaves are also soft textured.

This plant maybe very particular about its living conditions but will thrive when placed in a good location. It will also give you plenty of beautiful flowers. The flowers will make small seeds that can be used to grow new plants were ever needed. The watering needs are average on this plant but it can easily be killed if overwatered or under watered. The plants pollinator attracting ability is excellent for placing near fruiting plants that need as much pollination as possible. Over all this plant is very good for hard rocky soil and rock gardens, making it a hit for those who live in these areas.

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