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The Crossvine also was known as the Bignonia Capreolata. The name is derived when the stem is cut, and a cross-shaped look is revealed. The Crossvine is native to the central and southern parts of the United States. The vines climb in a non-twisting fashion unlike other vines and grow tiny tendrils.
The blooms it produces are long tube-like flowers that are commonly red and yellow.

Vines for Zone 4 produce a very pleasing fragrance


They provide a prominent fragrance that is very pleasant. The leaves are dark green to almost purple which produce tendrils as well. Not only can the Crossvine grow very high but can also spread very wide.
Also when cut, the membrane presents a sweet taste. They are used as part of the recipe in beer made by the folks of the Carolinas. It is also used for a diet drink and medicinal purposes. The Cherokee Indians introduced its medicinal properties.
In summary, the Crossvine is a beautiful flowering vine with a pleasant aroma that has many recipes uses.

Vines for Zone 4 are native to North America

Partridge Berry
The Partridge Berry is also known as the Squaw Vine, Winter Clover, and One-Berry. The Partridge Berry is a woody shrub native to North America that grows prostrate to the forest floor. This creeper prefers partial to full shade, and its vines can grow to become up to two inches high and about a foot long. The Partridge Berry's leaves are dark green and evergreen with a pale yellow midrib. These leaves are only about a half inch in length, ovate, and grow in pairs opposite each other along the slender vine. In the late spring, pairs of small, white, trumpet-shaped flowers bloom along the Partridge Berry. When these fragrant flowers are fertilized, the ovaries fuse together, and a scarlet-colored berry appears in their place. These berries less than a half inch across in length and are edible but are said to be tasteless. The Partridge Berry has a long history of being used to treat medical problems such as Rheumatism, allergic reactions and gynecological issues. The Partridge Berry is not poisonous to pets.

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