Vines For Zone 11


Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vine Botanical Latin Name is Campsis radicans. This Vine is excellent to be in the partial sun to partial shade. The Hardiness Zones are five to nine. Trumpet Vines mature height is up to 33 Feet and can spread 10 or more feet. When planting Trumpet Vine is it best to space the plants 10 to 12 inches apart to ensure enough space while growing. Trumpet Vine is a very Rapid Growing plant. Trumpet Vine produces flowers all summer long and has gorgeous colors as Orange-red and red, with a golden throat. Trumpet Vine needs to be pruned hard in the early spring. The vine proliferates and can produce everywhere, even onto telephone and electrical wires. The plant can become so massive it can take the wires down. The trumpet vine gets its name from its beautiful, trumpet-shaped flower. Its alternate name is the hummingbird vine because hummingbirds, with their long, thin beaks, love to drink nectar from this particular flower. The plant is perennial, which means it comes back year after year. It has deeply toothed, opposite leaflets and clings to surfaces by way of tendrils. It’s a heat-loving plant and is found everywhere throughout the south, though it’s also been seen as far north as Canada. Trumpet Vines are a great addition to anyone's home or garden.