Vines For Zone 10


Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper Botanical Latin Name is Parthenocissus quinquefolia. This Vine is excellent to be in the Full Sun or partial shade. The Hardiness Zones for the Virginia Creeper are three to nine. Virginia Creeper Mature Height 50 up to 100 feet. Virginia Creeper's Leaves are from one to eight inches wide and needs to be spaced about 10 inches apart when planting. The Virginia Creeper flowers spring to summer; the flowers are a greenish white. Virginia Creeper only needs pruning if the vines become too invasive. Virginia creeper is a vine with serrated leaflets that come in groups of five. The leaves arrive in the spring. It’s often confused with poison ivy but doesn’t cause the familiar rash if it’s touched. In the wild, the two plants are often found together as both are fond of climbing. The Virginia creeper is prized because of its brilliant red fall color. In the summer it can form curtains over the south facing windows and thus cool down a house. Because it clings by way of sticky pads that are found at the end of its tendrils, Virginia creeper doesn’t damage masonry like ivy does. Birds are attracted to its blackberries, which appear in the fall. These berries, however, are toxic to humans.