NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Constructing a water garden with the resources that you have can be a lot of fun. The only thing that you will probably want to consider purchasing is the liner for the water garden. This is a very important part of a water garden and it will insure that your water garden will thrive and do well.

You may also use a wooden or plastic barrel as a water garden. A wooden barrel will be more decorative on your lawn. You can use a plastic one also and it would be great to paint a design on the sides, this could also be used as a decorative item if the plastic part is decorated in some way.

You can also use trash can lids if you are building a large water garden. You can put a hole in the lid and use the noodles that are usually used as floats in swimming pools to help the trash can lid float. You will need to close the end of the noodles so that water does not get inside the noodle. You will be able to plant water plants inside the trash can lid so that they may float in your water garden. Using the resources that you have to make a water garden can require you to have a wide imagination. You can also use regular potting soil and mix it with unscented cat little to plant your water plants in inside your trash can lid. You can also use a clean oil pan also to float in your water pond. If you decide to use the barrel for your water garden you can also use this on your deck or patio as decoration. There are a lot of ideas available online for water gardens and a garden center will also answer any questions that you may have about constructing a water garden.

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