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 Uses For Native Plants

Uses For Native Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on Aug 10 , 2015

Wetland Native Plants

A wetland is an area that is mostly covered with water for at least the majority of the time. Some examples of wetlands are swamp areas, ponds, water reserves, and state park beaches. These conditions are bound to produce all kinds of different plant life that may not typically be found in the standard garden or open field. 

These unique and beautiful plants are deficient maintenance and add a nice touch to any garden if you are considering a wetland addition, such as a pond or fountain.

Among the many native wetland plants, you will find the bulrush, cattail, and the duck potatoes. The bulrush is a variety of different wetland plants included in the Sedge family. The Sedge family consists of Bolboschoenus, Cyperus, Scirpus, and Scoenoplectus; just to give an idea of the many different types of plants umbrellaed under the bulrush name. Secondly, the cattail or the Typha Latifolia is another type of wetland plant. Thirdly, the duck potato has a very reasonable meaning behind its name. It forms potatoes like clusters underground of the wetland area. This perennial plant or wetland plant belongs to the Sagittaria family, with its thick stalks and fan like petals.

Some of the advantages of wetland plants are that they filter and clean the water they live in. They also retain water, which significantly offsets the chances of flooding in the wetlands vicinity.

If you were to plant native wetland plants, this would mean no need to water these plants, which equals up to deficient maintenance on your part. This is especially helpful in a pond environment where you have other wildlife such as fish, frogs, and turtles cohabitating, as this eco-system is kind of much self-cleaning!

The types of native wetland plants mentioned here are just a small percentage of what wetlands have to offer. They, by no means, touch on the vast amount of wetland plant species that there are. Ranging from all different sizes, blooms and native regions, the number of wetland native plant species go on and on. With their beauty and self-sufficiency, native wetland plants are the perfect addition.

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