Twisted Sedge

Twisted Sedge

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Carex Torta- Perennial Habit: Grass/Grass-like. Root Type: Fibrous Leaf Arrangement: Alternate Leaf

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Twisted Sedge

Twisted Sedge – Carex torta is a cool-season grass that should receive full sun to part shade and be planted in moist, fertile soil. The Twisted Sedge plant is considered a perennial. However, in regions where frigid temperatures dip below five degrees F, the grass should be treated as an annual. If graceful ornamental grasses that feature a bronze cascading beauty sound like a beautiful addition to your landscape, the Toffee Twist Sedge will not disappoint. It adds intensity to any spot it occupies. Toffee Twist Sedge thrives in hardiness planting zones 7 through 10.

Twisted Sedge is very versatile.

Toffee Twist is a moderate grower and achieves a height of 18 to 24 inches and a similar width. It makes for a stunning groundcover with its finely textured foliage. It is also resistant to deer, insects, disease, and heat and easy to care for. The only maintenance experts advise cutting it back in early spring before it resumes active growing.

The sedge plant is versatile and can be planted for a variety of landscaping effects. For example, the Toffee Twist Sedge looks resplendent cascading over walls, dotting perennial borders, planted poolside, in hanging baskets, for massing and even in striking containers. The dramatic, iridescent bronze foliage is ideal for multiple landscape styles like rustic, cottage, contemporary and Asian/Zen.

Twisted Sedge is an ornamental grass.

The ornamental sedge grass does not have a fragrance, but this delicate and elegant trailing beauty features blooming foliage all season long, and as the weather turns cooler, the bronze shade turns more tan.

Every landscaped property can benefit by featuring areas of definite textural and colorful highlights. The Toffee Twist Sedge provides the interest in its coppery, earthy glory with its dense, tuft-forming growth habit.

This gorgeous sedge plant is shipped to the customer bare root and arrives in excellent condition.

Twisted Sedge 


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