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Twinleaf Plant 5 Plants $14.99 Description

Twinleaf Plant-Jeffersonia diphylla

Twinleaf plant-Jeffersonia diphylla is a beautiful, popular garden plant that can be used as an attractive groundcover. It has thin, three-petaled flowers that are either white or violet. All plant parts contain a rich concentration of flavonoids and phenolic compounds that provide antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
This low growing ground cover plant has deep green foliage, which is larger than the flowers. They have a sweet scent.


Twinleaf Plant-Jeffersonia diphylla is a member of the Berberidaceae (Barberry) family


This family contains perennial herbs or shrubs with often-spiny stems and leaves and flowers borne singly or in clusters or racemes. This plant is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe and North Africa.

This unusual and rare plant has light green stems and leaves, scalloped edges, and twin flowers on separate (but touching) stems. The flowers are white with red-purple veins on the upper surface of the petals, which is a very unusual coloration. The flowers also open from the bottom to the top of the stem, making them look like milk bowls.


Jeffersonia diphylla, also known as twinleaf, is an evergreen shrub that reaches up to three feet

The leaves are opposite and dark green. The flowers are small and purple and usually appear in clusters or racemes.

It has a leaf with two lobes often divided into three, each lobe with an enlarged midvein, smaller lateral veins, and a point. It grows up to 1-2' tall and produces yellow flowers.

This plant is a beautiful, hardy, non-invasive shrub native to the United States. Their leaves are evergreen, and its flowers are red, pink, or purple. It grows well in most soils and is highly adaptable because it is a native plant. It also has a slightly woody stem. It is an easy plant placed in full sun or partial shade.

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    very exotic plant

    Posted by Shay Adams on Apr 25, 2022

    plants arrived in a timely manner and I have been looking for this plant for 3 years. It's a rare perennial and I bought 100.


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