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Tussock Sedge - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Tussock Sedge 

Tussock sedge is a well-known sedge that is used as ornamental grass. Carex stricta is the botanical name for the tussock sedge, and it is named "tussock" for its green tussock of stems. It is also commonly known as upright sedge, uptight sedge, and hummock sedge. Eastern North America is its origin, and it belongs to the family Cyperaceae. It can be readily available on wetlands, shorelines, streams or ponds edges, woodlands, swales, water gardens, and rain gardens. 

This rhizomatous sedge also shows the properties of a perennial sedge. It obtains a length of up to 12 - 30 inches with 14 - 26 inches spread when mature. A Tussock of green stems (culms) covers the base giving a fountain-like appearance. The stems are three-angled (triangular), stiff, rough, and are either sterile or fertile; the sterile culms are smaller than the fertile ones. The arrangement of leaves on the side of the stems is alternate. 

Tussock Sedge can grow in a vast range of soils, including poorly drained soils

This grass-like plant has narrow leaves with 3-6 mm and is dark green to blue. The leaves on the lowest side of the stem modify into small scales, and the dense green foliage has fine leaf blades. These leaf blades are smooth and dull yellow on the lower side while bright green on the upper side. The rush-like sedge has a rhizomatous root system, and rhizomes help the plant spread and grow in colonies.  

This clump-forming perennial consists of male and female flowering spikes. The male spikes (staminate) are reddish-brown in color and straight. The female flowering spikes (pistillate) produce from the lower side of the fertile culms. They are fast-growing plants, and the reproduction takes place by seeds and rhizomes.

Full sun or partial shade is considered ideal for the best growth of hummock sedge, but it can tolerate any amount of light available in shady areas. The low maintenance quality of this plant is pretty impressive as it can grow in a vast range of soils, including poorly drained soils. It accepts tropical lands, sand, clay, and loamy soils and can tolerate shallow (2 - 3 inches deep) soil.

It is wet soil and flood-tolerant, and the best soil to plant is moist to a wetland where its growth will be more rapid. However, it can survive any pH but is slightly inclined towards neutral and acidic soils. Their growing zones are from 3 - 8.

People often buy this plant as a ground cover, accent plant, rain scaping, and for ornamental purposes in garden soils. They can also be grown in most lands because of their non-choosy nature, like meadows, swamps, and near rivers, ponds, streams, and many more areas. It grows throughout the twelve months as a year-round plant, but the earliest flower blooming is from May to June. Its beautiful flower spikes attract butterflies and birds and are resistant to rabbits and deer.

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