Turk’s Cap Lily

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Turk Cap Lily

Turk Cap Lily – Lilium Superbum is native to eastern and central regions of North America. The Turk Cap Lily is known to grow as tall as 9 feet high, making it the tallest growing Native American lily. The flowers are orange with spots of maroon and bloom at the peak of summer in July. This flower attracts hummingbirds in the summer months.

Keep in mind; these colorful flowers do need rich soil that is somewhat acidic so that they may thrive. Grow them in an area of the garden that gets partial shade and watch them bloom for you in the summer. Get the soil right before planting the bulbs to make taking care of them easier. Keep the height in mind when placing Turk Cap Lillies, so they don't block the view of other plants in your garden. You will want to plant these bulbs in the fall. To keep this plant healthy do not let the dirt dry out under it. This is the tallest growing Native American lily. It is an extremely popular plant with growers that have a rain garden, need a border plant, cottage gardens, or pond peripheries. The suggested climate zone for the Turk Cap Lily would be zones five to eight and is also called Lilium superbum, by the botanical name. The bulbs are stoloniferous, which means that in the wild they will spread and create a tight-knit colony. They look lovely when planted in groups together. They thrive in wet wooded areas and wet meadows. The keywords in helping this plant thrive are shade and water. This flower loves to grow tall and thin so keep an eye on them. Another positive thing about this robust plant is how resistant it is to diseases. It is extremely rare for this plant to be bothered by viruses and diseases.

Climate Zone: 5 to 8
Mature Height: 7 to 9 ft
Bulb Spacing: 8 to 12" apart
Sunlight: Half Sun/Half Shade or Full Shade
Soil Conditions: Rich Soil slightly acidic
Botanical Name: Lilium Superbum

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