Tupelo Tree

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Tupelo Tree - Nyssa sylvatica.

The Tupelo Tree also called Black Gum, or Sour Gum is a deciduous tree with simple alternate leaves native to the eastern United States. It grows as straight-trunked trees up to 80 feet tall. Commonly cultivated as an ornamental tree, the Tupelo produces a spectacular show of red leaves in the fall.

One of the most interesting trees available across the east coast of the U.S. and down through the southeast of the country, the Swamp Tupelo is a well known and much-seen tree in this area of the nation. This is a fast-growing large tree. The main point of interest for this tree is the impressive coverage of small clusters of white and green flowers that appear each spring and continue through the Summer; anybody wishing to assist in the pollination of plants and flowers in any yard will see instant results with a large number of insects attracted to the impressive series of blooms that tend to arrive in April of each year; the second area of interest for any Swamp Tupelo owner is the plentiful fruit that reaches just after the blooming of flowers ans is often a major attraction for a large number of birds and animals who will make their way to the tree and provide interest throughout the late Summer and Fall. The Nyssa biflora is a unique tree in the fact it thrives upon flooded soil conditions and makes an excellent addition to a pond, lake, or often waterlogged yard area; the Swamp Tupelo grows best under flooded water conditions where the root system is planted beneath running water. As this stunning tree is found from the coastal regions of Maryland down to the Florida coastline, the hardiness of this tree makes it a good choice for a range of hardiness zones. When first planted the Swamp Tupelo is planted to become established and has proven to be more able to adapt to different conditions than many of its close cousins.

Tupelo Tree


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