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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

How do you choose what your vines should climb on?

Some options are wood; others are metal. Some lightweight, others heavy.

If the trellis or arch is purely for ornamental purposes, then choose the type by your most important criteria, whether budget, beauty or design.

However, if it's to be functional, that is, it needs to support a vine, then that should be the primary selection criteria. Vines that will die back in the winter, like many morning glories, are excellent on lower cost or less sturdy architecture.

Vines that will continue growing year after year, however, and develop woody stems call for something fairly sturdy. And, those that not only grow woody stems but also put on weight with heavy flowers like wisteria or fruit like grapes need a very sturdy place to grow and climb. These last two can pull apart a less sturdy trellis or arch so best to plan for a few years down the road. Regardless of your budget or which vines you grow, they are sure to add height and a sense of drama to your landscaping. Wisteria, a very fragrant woody vine, is available in our mail order nursery.

Source of Information on Trellises or Arches for Vines