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Trees with Vibrant Fall Foliage

Trees with Vibrant Fall Foliage

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

Shade Trees With Amazing Fall Foliage

A couple of shade trees in the yard can make a huge impact on the overall appearance. They can make the atmosphere green, vibrant and interesting. Shade trees are great for landscaping purpose as they can transform the entire garden.

There are many numerous varieties of shade trees that can be grown in home gardens. However; it is important to choose wisely as the right kind of tree cannot just give you cool shade during summer but they can also give you colorful foliage during the fall season. Some of the shade trees that can serve both these purposes are-

Red Maple- This variety of Maple tree is known for its striking red fall foliage. It is a hardy and fast-growing tree that can adapt to various soils and climatic conditions. It should be planted in full sunlight for best results. The scarlet fall foliage catches the attention of everyone.These type trees are also safe when planted near sidewalks; the roots will not harm concrete or pavement.

Sugar Maple- This is another common maple variety that is extensively grown for ornamental reasons. They should be grown in a well-drained area that receives full or partial sunlight. The fall foliage is very versatile it can turn bright yellow, orange to red during the autumn season. It can be grown as a specimen tree or even for its shade.

Sweetgum- Sweetgum is known for its beautiful star-shaped leaves. This tree has a wonderful fall foliage that can turn purple, red or orange. It is very adaptable and can be grown in the garden for its shade. It prefers full sun and loamy soil that is slightly acidic.

American Beech- This tree has golden bronze fall foliage, and it is also commonly known as Carolina Beech. It should be grown in rich and well-drained soil that receives full to partial sun. American Beech tends to reach enormous heights of maturity, and it requires plenty of space to spread and grow properly so they should be planted accordingly.

Apart from these shade trees, you can consider growing Sumac, Oak, Japanese Maple, Tulip Poplar and Tupelo Black Gum for amazing fall colors. Shade trees that serve multiple purposes in the garden can be an asset to any landscape. They not only provide shade and shelter but also add a lot of color and texture to the garden. You can purchase these wonderful shade trees and many more varieties from a reputed online nursery that offers best quality plants and trees at affordable rates.

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