NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

TN Nursery is one of the few nurseries that ship almost instantly once the plants are harvested. It is essential to get trees and plants planted immediately and give them lots of water when newly planted.

TN Nursery sells only the best wildflowers and trees. Tennessee is the nursery capital of the world, and TN Nursery is your number one supplier of superior quality plants. The fact that plants are shipped almost immediately after digging makes us unique. The plants and trees are not kept in storage. They are always fresh, which gives them a better chance of survival. We pride ourselves on the quality of our plants.

One reason to plant trees is not only to increase the value of your property or to look breathtaking but to add privacy.

Evergreens of many varieties and sizes may be used as a fence for added privacy. It could be an inexpensive means

of fencing. Trees help obtain privacy from prying eyes. They look much better than the tall wood fences often used in many backyards. Trees and shrubs do not require maintenance as a fence would require. Trees are also very inexpensive when compared to fencing costs.

Research proves that a beautifully landscaped yard increases the value of your home.

Landscaping can have its personality. You can transform a typical yard into a creative piece of art.

Always begin with shade trees planted in the front part of the yard. Next, create collagen in front of the house. The backyard could be your private garden or wildflower refuge.

Beautiful landscaping gives each home a unique personality.

A home may sell just because the prospective buyer falls in love with the landscape.

Nothing is as peaceful as going to one's private garden to escape the stress of the day. Fruiting plants and trees could be a good source of enjoyment in caring for the plants. Efforts usually never go unrewarded because one's family and neighbors could enjoy fresh, organic fruits and berries. Blackberries are plentiful in the summer months. Apples of all varieties are beautiful, delicious, and incredibly healthy. That would be a big plus to many people looking for great landscaping and a great home.

Source to Buy Quality Trees to Improve Home Value and Appraisal