Tree of Heaven

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Tree Of Heaven

The Tree of Heaven’s botanical name is Alianthus altissima. This tree grows well in hardy zones 4-8. At maturity the tree if fifty feet fall and also has a canopy width of fifty feet. The tree can grow in wet to dry soil. It needs both full exposure to sunlight and sometimes of shade to grow properly. The Tree of Heaven will grow around three feet per season. The leaves on this tree and green and they do flower. The flowers range from greenish yellow to red in color. The tree has been known to take over the space of other vegetation in the area. This tree needs plenty of room to grow due to its large size. The tree of heaven is part of the quassia family. This tree can grow as tall as 80 feet. The tree of heaven is one tree that loses many seeds, and it can quickly take over an area where it is planted. It will kill other plants around it so make sure it is planted alone or has a space to grow without destroying surround ding plants. Many people plant them along sidewalks and alleys because it helps keep weeds and other unwanted plants to grow. They also offer excellent shade in these areas. The leaves are very distinct on the tree of heaven, and when they are crushed, you can smell the scent of peanut butter in the air. The tree of heaven used to be an ornamental plant, but since it grows rapidly, it no longer is planted in just any old garden. During April thru June, you can see yellowish to green colored flowers on the tree. Then from mid-July thru February there is wing-shaped fruit that animals around the tree can live off of.

Zones: 4-8

Mature: 80.’

Width: 40’-60’

Shape: Crown Shape
Growth: Rapid

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil: Moist/Fertile Soil

Botanical Name: Ailanthus altissima

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