Touch Me Not

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Jewel Weed Touch Me Not Plant -Impatiens capensis

Jewel Weed Touch Me Not Plant (Impatiens capensis) -  is a typical, widespread plant that is a virtual panacea for skin irritation. The Jewel Weed 1/4 to 1/2" long leaves that are long-oval, long-stalked with rounded teeth. The lower leaves are opposite, and the upper leaves are alternate. Because the plant is water-repellent, it looks like raindrops stay on the leaves after it has rained. If you submerge the leaves in water, they will turn a silvery color on the bottom. Early Summer to Fall this plant blooms an orange, trumpet-shaped flower with red, white, or yellow spots. The bloom has 3 petals on each one and has a long spur at the end, so pollinators can reach the nectar inside.  These plants are very colorful as they bloom and supply beautiful orange blooms that bring life to all gardens.  They attract those beautiful hummingbirds as they bloom.  They also have unique blossoms that provide a beautiful natural look.  This is a beautiful plant and can also relieve homeowners and gardeners that come in contact with poison ivy while working outside.  These are great to have in the garden and natural areas, and they also provide a fantastic look as they begin to grow.  The foliage of this plant is a darker green and looks amazing as the orange blossoms start to appear.  This is a great way to provide a lot of curb appeal to a home with a beautiful garden location. Jewelweed is a type of impatiens that forms a beautifully bright orange bloom. It has a small, pouch-like flower with a long spur in the middle and oval-shaped leaves. This annual flower is self-seeding and typically grows two to five feet in height. Seedlings will sprout in early spring and flowering begins in mid-summer until the first frost. Though their attractive orange flowers must be cross-pollinated by insects or hummingbirds, they also have flowers that never open. These flowers will fertilize themselves without another flower. Jewelweed is a typical plant used in flower beds or hanging baskets and loves partially shaded areas.


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Touch Me Not 



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