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All top selling states - To have a successful flower garden in the US, you must cultivate plants that can withstand the high heat and humidity. If you want to start with plants for your garden, it's good to search for plants native to your region.

Live in Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, or California?-

 These species have already had years to get used to their surroundings. A plant is termed native if it evolves spontaneously in a particular location or environment without much intervention by humans. There are several advantages to cultivating native plants.

First and foremost, these plants are more adaptable to local soils, moisture, and weather conditions than exotic species that develop in other regions. They use fewer fertilizers and pesticides, and they consume less water. They are also highly unlikely to escape and spread over the environment by becoming invasive, damaging natural habitats. In addition, they benefit wildlife by providing refuge and nourishment for local birds and insects, whereas exotic plants do not.

The top-selling states mainly include California, Ohio, Texas, and Tennessee

If you live in Tennessee, you are fortunate to have an excellent climate for gardening! Your plants will be getting a lot of sunshine and a little bit of rain. Because of the moderate temperature and extended growing season of the state, you may cultivate a wide variety of attractive flowers, including the official flower of Tennessee, the iris, as well as tasty vegetables and fruits. Plants that flourish in zones 5-8 are ideal for constructing a vibrant and colorful landscape. Despite — or perhaps because of — the constantly shifting weather conditions in Ohio, gardeners can readily establish an eco-friendly atmosphere by using native species in their landscapes.

The importance of diversity in creating a thriving and resilient ecosystem is essential, and it renders a landscape all the more lively. According to where you reside, growing zones in Ohio range from 5-6. California's native plants are very diverse and beautiful, and they may be found all around the state. There are various reasons why perennials are ideal for Californian landscaping projects. They return year after year and are generally low-maintenance plants. Many of them need little to no attention during the planting period, and they require little to no water. According to where you reside, growing zones in California range from 5-11.

Due to the apparent dry heat, only tough plants will survive in Texas. Fortunately, there are many drought-tolerant plants to choose from in Texas. But Texas offers a broad spectrum of habitats. It is separated into nine ecoregions, each having its unique climate, soil, and vegetation. Succulents, wildflowers, decorative grasses, and drought-tolerant plants are abundant among Texas native flora. Texas is known for being arid and dusty, which would be true in West Texas, yet other parts of Texas get over 60 inches of rain annually.

According to where you reside, growing zones in Texas range from 6-10. Following are some categories of plants that can thrive in almost all growing conditions. Hence, they are ideal for the majority of top-selling states.

Top Selling States Trees

Cedar trees

It is a stunning garden plant with wonderfully textured leaves in blue, white, creamy, or green colors. Typically hardy to zone 6, these plants thrive in well-drained soil and habitats that mimic their natural circumstances. This makes them ideal for West Coast Mediterranean conditions, but they also thrive in other regions of the US. They are also hardy plants that tolerate pruning well, are disease and pest-free, and are available in many sizes and styles.

Kousa dogwood tree

The Kousa dogwood tree is a lovely choice for residential and urban landscaping with its delicate elegance and resilience. Throughout the year, the tree adds to the landscape's visual appeal. It blooms in a spectacular display of star-shaped flowers throughout spring. Throughout the summer, the layered branch canopy provides shade and beauty. In the autumn, the foliage becomes a gorgeous scarlet. Even in the depths of winter, this tree's jigsaw-like bark has its charm. The tree's spring blossoms are arguably its most notable selling feature.

Redbud trees

Redbuds have become a common sight in landscapes with temperate zones with their year-round beauty. They are early spring bloomers with vivid profuse blooms. Leaves in the form of a heart offer a rainbow of hues to this flowery explosion. At first, they emerge with dark purple or scarlet hues, then become brilliant green in the summer, and then, in the autumn, they turn a delightful shade of orange or yellow hues. However, their silvery winding branches make redbuds even more beautiful when bare.

Top-selling states shrubs 

Ninebark shrub

As a deciduous blooming shrub, it's extensively employed in gardens. The ninebark shrub's yellow, green, or crimson leaves produce a lovely cascading mound, despite its harsh texture. White or pink flower clusters also appear in late spring, and red fruit, typically attractive to birds, ripens in the late summer.


It is a deciduous, cold-hardy shrub. During the spring, they display their blossoms, and in the autumn, they bear their heavy, black fruit. It is best to plant chokeberries in full sun, although they are quite tolerant of little shade. Moist, well-drained soil is ideal for them. Drought, poor soil, and salt aren't a problem for them. Black and red chokeberries are the two primary varieties of chokeberries. The chokeberry is an excellent choice for a garden's aesthetic plants.

White spirea plant

White spirea is a popular choice for all gardeners for various reasons. They are simple to cultivate and maintain, have a rapid growth rate, and are stunningly gorgeous. They are deciduous shrubs with spring and summer blooms. Summer spirea shrubs blossom with vivid red, pink, and white flowers on upright branches. On the other side, spring spirea shrubs cascade gracefully into clusters of white blooms along curving limbs.

Mosses for top-selling states:

Cushion moss

Cushion moss flourishes in damp areas and would make a lovely addition to any landscape. It is an easy-to-grow plant that displays a silky, thick mantle of deep green hues. It thrives in moderate to intense shade areas and grows in zones 4-10.

Fern moss

Fern moss, as its name implies, contains leaves that resemble ferns. Zones 3-9 are its primary growth areas. Because of its swift growth, it is often used as a dried flower in floral arrangements.

Top-selling states - Plants for Ohio

In the fast-moving world, sometimes it gets stressful to cope with routine chores. Technological advancement is forcing humans to work at the pace of machines, or they will lack behind. Most people today have become vulnerable to stress, anxiety, and depression. A great way to unwind yourself is getting closer to nature. The nature of plants has the power to relax our minds and add positivity to human life.

According to researchers, people who spend time with nature, such as cultivating plants, feel less stress in their life. If you're looking for remedies to tackle your stress, why don't you give it a shot? A long list of plants for Ohio will make your place look beautiful, attractive, and easy to manage.

Without further ado, let us get started! 

Plants For Ohio That Are Easy To Manage

Hepatica Plant

Hepatica plants, also known as Liverwort, or Liverleaf plant, are the most pleasant views. It belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae or buttercup. Its growing zone is 4 to 8 and can reach up to 12 inches in height. You can call Hepatica Plant an evergreen plant found in woodlands throughout the US. The beauty of its flowers is due to their unique color and shape. They are sun-loving plants and showcase their top beauty on sunny days. The color of the flowers of the Hepatica plant is somewhere between bright blue to lavender, having white and pink flowers occasionally. 

Hepatica is an ornamental plant because its flowers grow on individual stems. The flowers will not only contribute to the beauty of your garden but spread a delicate scent glooming the overall environment. A fully matured Hepatica Plant has twenty to thirty flowers each. These plants replace their flowers with new ones in early spring and summer. 

Larkspur Plant

Larkspur plant is also known as Knight's-spur, is a cottage garden staple that yields exquisite cut flowers. They belong to the family of Ranunculaceae or buttercup. It is widely used throughout the world in gardens to symbolize perennial delphiniums and annual larkspurs. The plant can reach 3-5 feet tall, having flowers with various colors, including inspiring shades of pink, white, blue, and purple. The highlight of the Larkspur Plant is its glossy foliage having delicate feature leaves that give it a beautiful fern-like texture. 

Ideally, Larkspur Plant is super easy to manage in Ohio due to the favorable weather and soil conditions. To see Larkspur Plant beautifying your garden, you won't have to wait more than 77 to 84 days. Additionally, these plants can grow in all environments preferring soil Ph range between 5.7 and 7.0. Talking about soil, they grow fast and beautiful is; the soil is rich in nutrients, loose in texture, and well-drained. It is better to water them once or twice a week till fully matured. 

Larkspur Plant is vulnerable to fungal diseases; hence assessing the moisture levels before watering them is an excellent strategy to prevent waterlogging. 

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley has the power to attract attention due to its snow-white flowers. The plant belongs to the family of Asparagus and is not a true lily. It possesses beautiful, delicate flowers that will beautify the whole garden. It is an evergreen plant mostly planted beside tall trees. These plants can do perfectly fine with partial sun exposure. 

Although the plant can grow in any soil type, organically rich, chalky, and well-drained soil will help them bloom better. 

In case you're wondering...

You won't need to do much to possess this beauty. These are low-maintenance plants that can do well with little care. The plant leaves have a perfect green color forming a visually attractive combination of white flowers resting on the bed of green leaves. The flowers of these plants have fragrances that will make your garden even more pleasant. 

Orange Daylily Plant

Having colors in your garden is a must to showcase your true love for nature. It allows you to appreciate what nature can do to humans while making you more creative in your field. Orange Daylily Plant is also known as tawny daylily, tiger daylily, fulvous daylily, ditch lily, fourth of July lily, or corn lily.  The plant best grows when exposed to sunlight but can also survive with partial sun exposure. In early spring Orange Daylily Plant forms perennial plants' leathery leaflets that grow vertically that fill the garden with a unique texture and color. These plants can do well in both rich and poor soil conditions. 

It is a low-maintenance plant that you can grow in Ohio with little care. When the plant fully matures, it will spread and multiply, forming dense clusters. 

Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus is one of the easiest to grow shrubs in Ohio. The unique pink flowers are the highlight of this plant. Its flowers have a combination of bright pink sprinkled with white that makes them more than ordinary-looking shrubs. The flowers of Pink Hibiscus have a trumpet shape. The plant is ideal for formal and informal grouping, screens, shrubs, borders, and planting. Each Pink Hibiscus produces pink flowers having five petals, having double or sometimes single pink color. 

The beauty of these plants is at its peak in late spring and lasts throughout early fall. The leaves of a Pink Hibiscus are in a color that compliments the overall look of the plant. They grow best if the soil is organically rich but can do well under poor soil conditions. Make sure to plant it to receive total sun exposure to achieve the beauty it possesses. Pink Hibiscus can grow up to 4 to 10 feet and achieve a length of 8 to 10 feet. It might take some longer for the plant to grow because of its slow growth rate, but once it's matured, it will steal the show. 

Don't consider this an end because you can quickly harvest and maintain thousands more plants in Ohio. We assure you, you might run out of time and space but not plants. You will be amazed to learn what species of plants nature has for you to make your garden, backyard, and surroundings look attractive. 




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 iii) White spirea plant


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 i) Moss


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 ii) Fern moss


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