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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Top Five Fern Plants For Indoors

Ferns are amongst the oldest plants that have survived and evolved for millions of years. They are very adaptable and can thrive without much care.

Ferns plants are extensively used for landscaping purposes in gardens and yards. Their ability to survive and adapt to local conditions has made them popular houseplants.

Countless fern varieties are cultivated for ornamental purposes. Most of them have emotional growth patterns, and they require enough space to spread and grow. However; some fern plants can quickly be grown indoors in hanging baskets, pots, or containers-

Maidenhair Fern- It is known for its intricately patterned leaves that are beautifully arranged on the fronds. This plant loves humidity and thrives in rich soil. You can easily spot it near waterfalls, moist rocks, or other areas that remain wet and moist. It is a sturdy plant, and it grows well indoors under favorable conditions.

Boston Fern- It is one of the most popular ferns that are used as houseplants. It has beautiful arching fronds that fall gracefully from hanging baskets or containers. Boston fern is not fussy at all, and you can grow them indoors without much hassle. It does well in moist and rich soil. Place them where they can get indirect light.

Brake Fern- This is another beautiful fern plant that has lush green foliage. It is a hardy plant that does not require a lot of care and maintenance. Brake ferns do not require as much moisture and wet soil as the other fern varieties. Keep them near a window from where they can get indirect light.

Sword Fern- Sword fern has its name because its fronds are pointed and triangular and resemble swords. It is a fast-growing fern plant and does not require as much water as the other varieties. It is a type of Brake fern, and its requirements are pretty similar to those of other Brake ferns.

Painted Fern- This fern plant is known for its beautiful, distinct, and bright leaves. It requires a lot of moisture and rich soil to thrive. It can tolerate full to partial shade, but it is advisable to place this plant in an area where it can receive light. If it gets some light during the day, it will perform its best and show tremendous colors.

Fern plants are pretty hardy and relatively easy to grow indoors as compared to other varieties. You can grow many other beautiful ferns in the garden to enhance the landscape.

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