NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Tn Nursery Reviews - By Claudette Long

Tn Nursery Reviews For The Week Of 5-18-21 - Mail Order Plants Delivered To Your Door

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Wow! My Virginia bluebells are coming up, and they are gorgeous. Such healthy plants. I am excited to order more plants soon.

Claudette Long, WV


I can't wait to see the fall foliage of my red maple trees. I am very excited for Fall to come. My mother won last year's best lawn award. I hope to soon with all these lovely plants coming from your nursery.

Sheila Watts, FL


My daylily plants are thriving, and I wonder if you will have any more colors available?

Gloria Weinstein, Blue Ridge GA


I love my plants. Thank You.

Sue Ridney, Tn


I can't wait to see my plants blooming and ferns coming up this year.

Bob CT


Thanks for the lovely plants. They were wrapped well, and I planted them as soon as I received them.

Stephen Glassman, IL

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Tn Nursery Reviews- Over 125,000 Satisfied Customers from he rated #1 mail order nursery


Loving my plants. Mom says her perennials are doing great in Franklin, Thanks TN.

Joy Ward, OK


Dont want bamboo anymore. Ha, These have nearly killed me planting them, but they are thriving.

George Tooth, DE


The Christmas ferns didn't come up in the heat, but like you said, in spring, they will be beautiful, and they are! All 10!

Kaye Smith, KY


I won't go anywhere else to buy plants. I've bought from Tn Nursery for 34 years.

Bob Dillon, VW


Not many places treat you like family; they do.

Gloria Wiseman, CO


Well, the toothewood ferns are alive and well. My daylilies are suffering. It may be from lack of watering, but I know you will make it right either way.

Dale, AZ

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