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Three Seeded Sedge - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Three Seeded Sedge 

Three Seeded Sedge - Carex trisperma. This sedge is a circumpolar species found primarily in shady, mossy bogs and conifer swamps. The plant may have two to five perigynia in the terminal spike. The flowers are somewhat green in color and grow at the base of the spears around late Spring to early summer.

The stems of this sedge have a thick, fibrous texture with three leaves tightly wrapped in a row. At full maturity, the stems have a spiky appearance and can vary in color. Over 600 types of this plant in North America grow best in wet, moist, peaty soil. 

Three Seeded Sedge Carex trisperma Grows Best in Wet and Moist, Peaty Soil 

There are over 600 species of Carex in North America. It is often seen growing within a group of its species while next to other species of its genus close. Flowers appearing green in color grow at the base of the spears around late Spring to early summer, forming a batch of seeds within.

Stems have a thick, fibrous texture with three leaves tightly wrapped in a row giving it a spiky appearance once fully mature and giving it a beautiful variation of leaf orientation and accenting among other plants growing on the river or pond side. The colors can vary from creamy yellow-green to darker-green hues, with some parts of the plant a shade of brown.

The building at the water's edge, This plant will not only add an overall natural look to your pond or natural landscape but also provide excellent habitat for varying species of animals preferring moist conditions. 

It is a member of the Glareosae family of sedges and is found growing throughout the Northern United States. The plant favors wet environments, primarily in swamplands, bogs, rivers, and streams.


This sedge typically grows in dense clumps with arrow-shaped leaves. These leaves grow to a maximum width of roughly 1.5 inches, jutting out from a collection of up ten spikes. The leaves do not grow on stalks, and the flowers of this sedge usually grow at the base of these spikes.


This plant's pistillate scales are typically round and oval-shaped with a transparent light vanilla color and a dark green band around the midsection of the pistil. The fruiting season for this sedge starts in late April towards the end of Spring and carries into mid-June.

The fruits are contained within the pistil on the plant, quickly distinguishable spikes, and up to 5 of these fruits are housed within each spike. The stems of this plant lean forward as they develop and reach a maximum length of roughly 24 inches under ideal growing conditions.


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Reviews (2)

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    Three Seeded Sedge

    Posted by Bobbie Rosen on Aug 22, 2019

    Looks great around the water garden.

  • 5
    Three Seeded Sedge

    Posted by Toni Fincher on Aug 22, 2019

    this looks great down at the pond


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