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Posted on Tuesday 11/9

Adding the Rose of Sharon to Your Landscape Design

The Rose of Sharon is a lovely flowering tree that goes well with any yard, home or office area. The Rose of Sharon can be planted in almost any area. The Rose of Sharon, or Althea, is a deciduous shrub that is beloved by our online nursery customers. This captivating plant sports a luxurious abundance of colorful flowers; the four-inch blooms come in a large array of colors, including white, mauve tones, red, and light blue.

Flowers are certainly a selling point for the Rose of Sharon. Not only are they profuse and vibrant, but they also bloom in the summer (in some areas not until mid-August) leaving them in a state of beauty when the flowers of other shrubs have long since receded into long-ago memories.

Tips for Planting the Rose of Sharon in your Garden

A must to remember with the Hibiscus Syriacus is its late awakening from hibernation. While it blossoms later than others, its leaves also aren’t produced until slightly later. Many a gardener has given this plant up for dead when it is only beginning the awakening process from winter slumber. Once the leaves do arrive, they are small and light green.

The Rose of Sharon achieves a height generally in the 8-10 foot range and spreads out 4-6 feet. This shrub lends itself to many different shapes. While it naturally grows multi-stemmed, pruning (done within the first two years) can train the Rose into a single trunk shrub. This versatility in shape makes it an ideal choice for hedges, though with its deciduous nature it does not afford much privacy except in summer.

Althea loves to be in full sun and well-drained soil. More aged plants are susceptible to fungal damage if they are situated in the partial sun rather than full. Being fairly tolerant to drought and with its immense love of sun and heat, the Rose of Sharon is particularly prized in the southern USA for its ability to thrive and provide color in a challenging climate.

When shopping with us for the Rose of Sharon and your other landscaping needs, rest in the confidence of the safety of your order. We never dig your plants up until they are ready to be shipped, and we only source out our shipping to transportation companies who provide a low-cost combined with the experience needed to maintain the security of your trees, shrubs, or bushes during their time in transit.

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