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The Many Different Water Plants

The Many Different Water Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

There are many different types of water gardens. You will need to research these and find the one that will best suit your lawn and location that your water garden will be.

You can build water gardens in your yard and also add one to your deck or porch.

There are several different types available. You can choose from container water gardens, bogs, raised ponds and sunken ponds. The container gardens are great for decks and porches. These are plants that have been planted into a flower pot and then placed into a water container. Your water container can be moved on the deck to the place where it looks the best. The other types are permanently positioned. They will require you to dig permanent holes to build these water gardens. A Bog is a great idea if you are wanting to attract wildlife. These will usually attract dragonflies, frogs and other small insects. Raised ponds and Sunken ponds are both created by digging holes in your lawn and placing a black plastic liner or can also be built with a prefabricated kit. You can find this material at your local home and garden center and can sometimes order online from online plant nurseries. You can also add other features to any of these water gardens. You can add a waterfall that will be relaxing to sit and listen to and will be very calming on those warm summer evenings. They also have water fountains that can be added to your water garden or water containers.

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