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Friday, March 25

Frogs have been around for about 200 million years.

Having been around for that long, maybe it's not that surprising that they can sometimes live to be 40 years old!

You probably think of snakes or perhaps birds eating them, but did you ever realize that fish can eat frogs as well?

A tadpole is about a week old before it starts swimming. Until then, it hides out in underwater grasses. At about two months, the tadpole starts to lose its tail. It grows arms and legs so it can leave the water. It goes from eating primarily algae to eating plants or dead insects it finds in the water. At about four months of age, a frog is fully grown. Can you imagine how quickly it must grow for that to occur? Can you imagine a human going through it's growing up process in a mere four months? Look for lily pads in our plant nursery.

Source of Information on Frogs