NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

The Crepe Myrtle Plant

If you live in the hot climates in California, Hawaii, or Florida, you may need a hardy tree that can add fantastic color to your yard yet requires little fuss. The Natchez white crepe myrtle is a fantastic tree that does well in zones 7-9 because it is considered a tropical tree. They stand majestically and add the perfect accent to any landscape. Many use them as an accent tree, but their stunning appearance is hard to ignore even if they are used as accents.

The red rocket is a favorite color variation that many choose for its vibrant appearance. There are also other colors like purple, pink, and every color but blue. You won't find a blue tree, but it's easy to see something for everyone with more than fifty different variations of this species. The shades also can vary from tree to tree regardless of the color selection. Their technical name is Lagerstroemia, and that name comes from its origin in the Indian Subcontinent. As part of the loosestrife family, this tree is named after the Swedish man who discovered it.

These trees tend to come to full bloom in the summer months. They have a fragrant blossom that quickly fades. These trees can grow as low as one foot or get as large as one hundred feet. It all depends on the climate and soil. They prefer their land to be well-drained and a bit on the acidic side. The acidity in the ground should never be above 6.0 or below 5.0.

Unique Crepe Myrtle

More than their stunning color is the ever-peeling bark that many find attractive. While the bark may peel, it doesn’t take away from the strength of the tree itself. This tree is commonly used to make furniture due to its unique color variation and durability. As the bark begins to pull away from the tree, it leaves behind wood that has been naturally stained in many colors. That is also an excellent visual sight in the winter months when the leaves have all fallen away. Many people fear there is something wrong with their tree, but it is all part of their usual process. It is visually appealing, and children love to play with the bark, even saying its paper.

The Natchez white crepe myrtle color choices are vast; they include pink, red rocket, and even a brilliant purple. However, the color is not the reason why so many select this type of tree. It is durable. As a hardy species, they require little to no care. Because they like the soil drained, they don’t need to be watered. While the tree is not the best shade, it falls more under the category of ornamental. With other tropical species, this tree will fit right in. For a fantastic landscape that is the envy of the neighbors, the Crepe Myrtle should be considered. With a smaller size and a beautiful appearance, they are what every yard needs.

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