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Best Trees for Shade

Having the best shade trees in your landscape provides many benefits. When choosing the best shade trees, a hasty decision can lead to a lifetime of regret. Therefore, it is vital to take time and select a tree that offers the best combination of qualities. Here are the best trees for shade.

Oak Trees

Culturally, the oak is a sign of endurance and strength. It is the national tree of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Oaks, deciduous broadleaf trees, are of different types: live oak, champion oak, scarlet oak, pin oak, and willow oak. They are among the best trees for shade and grow to a mature height of 100 feet with a spread of 50-80 feet. Most oak leaves have lobed margins that turn brown or yellow in the autumn. Also, they are tolerant of soil salt and urban pollution as well as wet and dry conditions. Oaks need little maintenance.

Maple Trees

There are several types of maple trees, each with its unique characteristics. They include Japanese maple, sugar maple, Norway maple, red maple, paperbark maple, and silver maple. In general, maples are easy to grow, grow fast, and resist insects and disease infestation. Also, they are tolerant of poor climatic and soil conditions. Apart from the shade they cast, maples are beneficial in contributing to biodiversity and environmental beauty because of the different colors of their leaves. Most maples have green leaves, but some may have red or ruby-bronze-colored leaves.

Poplar Trees

Poplars are most common in the home landscape, and they are grown as shade trees. The most common poplars include hybrid cottonwood, tulip poplar, aspens, and black and white poplar. In general, poplar trees have a fast growth rate, tidy and trim form, and general adaptability and vigor. Though poplars may vary in appearance, they have an attractive, smooth bark. Their leaves are large spade-shaped, which turn golden yellow in fall.

Pine Trees

Pines have unique characteristics and are used for wind and privacy screening. They are evergreen, have bundles of long, narrow needles as well as large, woody cones. When the wind moves through the needles, they produce a distinctive sound, and their fragrance is unique. The different types of pine trees include white pine and Scotch pine. Depending on the tree, they can withstand adverse weather conditions and are resistant to diseases and insects.

Having trees in the yard offers privacy, shade, and beauty; they often last longer or a lifetime. With the pine, poplar, maple, and oak trees, one can embark on the search for the perfect look for their yard, home, or garden. A tree is a long-term investment; therefore, choose a high-quality plant.

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