NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Gardening is an interesting way of expressing your feelings and thoughts.

You can show your artistic skills by practically getting engaged in gardening and trying out new things. It is an art, and many people pursue it as a serious hobby.

Gardening makes you think creatively so that you surpass the conventional ways of growing plants. You can choose the garden to be your canvas and paint a colorful picture of your ideas and designs.

You can plant trees in the corner to make sure that the entire garden is not getting crowded. Hedges of different colors and textures can be used to act as a partition. Hedges can also make small lanes in the garden. Huge and spacious areas can be well utilized by creating an artificial pond and growing aquatic plants in it. Growing plants of a particular season besides plants which bloom in the next season can make your garden looks more colorful with vibrant colors as the contrast is captured by everyone who visits you. Besides, playing up with the colors you can be more creative by using stone sculptures, fountains, colored tiles and mosaics in your garden. There are a wide variety of accessories on the market that are meant for gardens. They can transform your garden completely and give it a stunning appearance.

Another great idea is to use cage and wire structures in your garden and make climbers or creepers grow on them. Once the wire or cage is fully covered with plants; they look majestic. Cactus and succulent plants look quite intriguing in rocky surroundings. There are many varieties of cactus available that can be grown in such a landscape. You can bring out the artist in you by experimenting different colors, texture, and types of plants in your garden. It would be astonishing to see the effect of different colors and patterns that can make the overall appearance of the garden more appealing.

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