NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

What are the advantages of water plants and animals?

There are many advantages to having pond plants and animals; There are several good pros to having pond plants in your pond. That includes water oxygenation.

That is also great for fish you may have because it reduces the need for large pond pumps. They also give small structures for the fish to hide in. These plants will also have beautiful green colors and will look very nice. These are not the only other reasons why water plants are so great. These plants will also repopulate and can be used to fill other ponds if you decide to get new ones. These make water plants good to have in any pond; however, you must be careful with your plants and are sure not to let the plants go in a nearby water system. That is because of the invasive properties of some major types of plants.

There are many reasons why to keep animals. Koi and goldfish add a beautiful addition of color to your pond. They look best in these water ponds. However, you can get water snails that can be used to keep your pond algae-free. In some places, you can even get turtles to add to your pond. These will add to the glory of a pond.

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