Sycamore Tree Seedlings

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Sycamore Tree Seedlings Description

Sycamore Tree Seedlings 

Sycamore Tree Seedlings: Platanus Occidentalis is a Fast Growing Deciduous Tree.

It is a fast-growing, deciduous tree that will grow in zones 4-10. It needs moist, well-drained soil and full sun to rise. Reaching a height of up to 175' tall, this impressive tree is often used as a shade tree in landscaping. The leaves are a 4"-6" oval and turn a pale yellow in the Fall. The bark is marbleized in grey, brown, and tan and flakes off. This tree is beautiful and unique-looking. 

It is not picky and can quickly grow in various soil compositions. It is a fast-growing tree that will also produce red flowers during the early spring months. This tree is easy to grow, only needing space to grow and develop in the garden. Traditionally, the wood from sycamore trees is handy, often being used in the production of violins and furniture. A seedling will eventually grow into a tall tree, ranging from 75-100 feet at full maturity.

The bark is beautiful and varies from an off-white color when fresh and changes to a darker red color as it ages. The broad 5-lobed leaves are unique and aesthetically pleasing in any garden setting.

Sycamore Tree Seedlings add an Element of Peace and Consistency to your Garden Space

Fruit will start to appear on the tree during the Fall, usually in October, depending on the climate. These fruits will split open to release seeds and remain on the tree until it is cold and windy outside, often through Winter. Interestingly enough, one tree can produce 10,000 seeds per season. Most people know these seeds as "helicopters" because of the propeller wing that forms to help the propagation and spreading process.

They are often symbols of strength and eternity so that these seedlings will add an element of peace and consistency to any garden.

 Its a prominent, deciduous, tall-growing member of the Platanacae family found throughout the United States. Typically, the tree is found in moist areas of low elevation, growing near lowland streams and by the riverbank in the flatter parts of the country.

It is ideally grown in USDA Growing Zones 4 – 9 and reaches 100 feet tall when fully mature. This American tree has an equally sizeable maximum spread, also reaching up to 100 feet in total diameter. 

The flowers of this tree bloom starting in the late Spring, with female flowers being reddish in color and male flowers taking on a more yellowish characteristic appearance. Its female flowers produce a furry circular fruiting body with a maximal width of up to 1.5 inches, and these fruiting bodies become ripe during the later Fall months of the year.

The leaves of these trees are a darker green color with a maximum spread of up to 10 inches wide. The bark of this tree typically acquires a unique whitish color, making this American tree easy to identify in areas of high vegetation.

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    Posted by Lovely grace on Dec 09, 2020

    this is a great product. All mine are doing exceptionally well. Shipped fast packed well I'm in love with my trees I've ordered. They look great in my yard.

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    Sycamore tree seedlings

    Posted by Glenda Cox on Aug 23, 2019

    this is an excellent product my trees are doing well

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    Sycamore tree seedlings

    Posted by Sahe Hudosn on Aug 22, 2019

    so far so good doing great


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