Sweeten Up Your Closet

Sweeten Up Your Closet

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Saturday, March 19

Have you ever made a pomander?

In the old days, both children and adults made them freshen up closets. 

Take an orange and stick as many cloves in it as you possibly can. Tie it up in netting, cheese cloth, or lace with a pretty ribbon. Hang it up where the air can get a bit stale, and you'll enjoy a new, spicy aroma.

In Japan and China, they sometimes use a fruit called Buddha's Hand in a similar way to sweeten up drawers and musty rooms. You can peel the zest as you might a lemon and use it for freshening the same way, as well. The flowers of a golden rod can be used as a natural perfume. Look for it in our plant nursery.

Source on Making a Pomander